MxPx Release "Say Yes" ft. RIVALS' Kalie Wolfe

Published on 27 July 2021 at 17:00

MxPx unveil the sonic rays of sunshine for your summer celebrations in their new single “Say Yes” featuring Kalie Wolfe of Rivals. The track is an ode to the nostalgia of fresh and free-spirited summer romance that will transport you to your teen years. The sentimentality is a testament to their longevity while Wolfe’s powerhouse supporting vocals highlight the band’s modern adaptability alongside a new generation of punk rockers. 

Say Yes’ is about taking that chance and just asking that special someone what you’ve been wanting to ask. Saying what you’ve been dying to say. It’s a summer time feel good jam and I know you wanna say yes!” - Mike Herrera, vocalist of MxPx 

I have a fond memory of my brother and I burning a CD for my family's yearly boat trip to Laughlin, NV. On that CD contained an MXPX song. If you would’ve told 8-year-old me that I’d be featuring on an MXPX song I’d probably call you a liar.” said Kalie Wolfe, Rivals 

A few years ago, MxPx decided it was time to amp up their game and bet on themselves in the music market. Through vast innovations, releasing new music, and continuous fan engagement, MxPx is not only thriving but they are on top of the world. 

In May 2021, the band continued making waves with their release “Can’t Keep Waiting,” which debuted on their live stream and hit the ground running ever since. The latest chapter of their success story in 2021 comes in the form of their bright and bold new single Say Yes”. MxPx recruited Kalie Wolfe from Rivals to transform it into a dynamic duet. Buzzbands LA praised Rivals for their distinct sound and Wolfe’s unmistakable vocals. Those starring qualities landed their latest album “Sad Looks Pretty On Me” on three Billboard Charts. Today, Rivals continue to blossom amongst the ranks of 2021’s hottest alt-rock bands with their shining combination of post-hardcore edge and pop-punk melodies. 

MxPx stands amongst the ranks of timeless artists with a demographic of life-long and new fans joining together to relish in the punk soundwaves. They are adding their shining summer anthem “Say Yes” to their diverse and ever-growing discography. 

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