Defaced Release "False Hope"

Published on 14 July 2021 at 14:00

DEFACED are a five piece rap metal/ hardcore band from all across South Wales and South-West England.

Founded by frontman and songwriter Curtis Hammond as a solo project, DEFACED released 2 EP's, 'Power Wisdom Courage' and 'Cancer of the Mind' in this form before finding a full line up and taking their music to the stage.

Combining Crushing riffs and fast Raps, DEFACED are a punch to the face of the music scene that's only rivalled by the energy the band deliver live.

A fusion of the no nonsense aggression found in newer Hardcore bands like Cancer Bats, Stray from the Path and Beartooth combined with the lyrical flow and groove only found in the world of hip hop inspired, early rap metal bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Linkin Park.

Lyrically the songs take a strong focus on challenging current affairs and issues in society, specifically Mental Health and the struggles of life we can all relate to on a day to day basis.

These three things combined gives the resurgence of 'nu metal' that's being seen in the world of heavy music right now a new and unique flavour not heard before.

The band have used the ever-growing following that was found online from DEFACED being a solo project to catapult their growth. We continue to do this whilst working hard to release new music and play venues all over the U.K.

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