Choices Made Release "Reason For Conflict

Published on 29 June 2021 at 10:00

Choices Made are a 4-piece hardcore punk outfit from Canada who have started rising up through the late night, gritty cracks of Toronto’s sidewalks and dropping a bombshell of live shows across Ontario.

Heavily influenced by the energy of California’s punk rock underground and the breakdowns of classic New York hardcore, Choices Made deliver fast-paced, aggressive songs with sing-along choruses that will infest your inner ear for days. 

Forming in April 2018, the band hit it hard with writing new songs and released their first EP entitled “Don’t Settle For Them!”. February 2020 saw the release of the band’s brand new E.P. “Convince”, which was only a taste of what’s to come from this 4-piece.

With COVID-19 hitting the music world hard and no live shows to take place, Choices Made kept hitting the studio and releasing brand new singles on a monthly basis with “Irrational Reality” in July, “Won’t Break” in August and “What’s Your Plan?” in October of 2020, “Sideroads” in January 2021, as well as an unreleased song on the Cursed Blessings digital compilation “Re-inventing the Safety Pin”. Pre order the vinyl here.

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