JAMIE LENMAN releases new live singles 'Powerless' + 'Mistakes'

Published on 27 June 2021 at 14:00

A week and a bit after JAMIE LENMAN'S wonderful live stream show with Veeps and Audiotree, 'Separation Event', Jamie has announced two new live singles from the event, Powerless and Mistakes. Both tracks are available to stream on an incredible 360 video!

"We actually had a 360 camera shooting the whole of Separation Event but in the end we decided on a multi-camera edit, so the video for the single is a great opportunity for people to see a part of that show from a slightly different perspective - from the inside! You can scroll up or down or left or right - basically I'd recommend ignoring me and just watching the whole of the guest artists' performance, or even Jack's immense exertions on the drum kit. Intense! "

'Separation Event' was the culmination of eighteen months' work, from the recording of 2020's 'King Of Clubs' mini album and its first live performance in full. The event included special guests such as Sam from Wargasm, Will from Black Peaks, Djamila from Ithaca, Jen from False Advertising, long standing producer (and one half of Never Not Nothing) Space and Damien from The St Pierre Snake Invasion.

Speaking on releasing two new live singles Jamie Lenman said 'I knew that Separation Event was gonna be the first time anyone had heard these two songs and I was really hoping the recording would be good enough to stand as the definitive representation. Luckily the performance and the mix were top notch so we're putting them out as a single. I know some people will always want to hear a 'studio version' of everything but I don't see what that could really add - these versions have a fire and an immediacy that would be impossible to replicate in a different environment, and I think they're really exciting.'

Continuing on the second single Mistakes Jamie said ''Mistakes' is a little rock and roll number that had been going round in my head since I finished making King Of Clubs. I think both this and 'Powerless' sit vaguely under the KoC umbrella but I'm not sure if they'd have worked on the actual record - 'Powerless' is too brutal and 'Mistakes' is maybe a little too light. Lyrically the song is about reconciling all the bad things you may have done in the past with the person you are today, which can be quite tough. But the tune itself is actually quite jaunty - I'm looking forward to doing this one live.'

On playing Download 2021 - "Download have been so good to me over the years but even so I was genuinely touched to be asked along to their mini festival next month - we were all so devastated when it got pushed back the second time, so now there's this ray of hope and it's fantastic. Download always feels like going home for me - plus I get to flex my heavy muscles which is always fun. PLUS that lineup - it's like a fucking holiday camp for me and all my chums. I can't wait!"

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