Signs of Progress release video for 'Autopilot'

Published on 23 June 2021 at 16:00

Signs of Progress have released a video for 'Autopilot' which was featured on their latest EP, 'Safe Haven'!

"The title is quite literal - it’s about the sensation of disassociating from oneself and feeling as if you are not in charge of your own thoughts. There was a particular period in my life where things felt like they were spiralling out of control; I had totally given up on trying to resolve the problem to the point where it almost got me into some serious trouble with higher-ups. I vividly recall one night in December when I told my family what happened, who were luckily very sympathetic, and literally not being able to move or even emote while they were in the room for several days after that as the problem got fixed. It was a total low point for me, but it was through their support that I was eventually able to move past it." - Sage Viscovi

Signs of Progress are currently recording new music as we speak!

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