August Brodie release new EP 'Tell Your Friends'

Published on 22 June 2021 at 17:00

August Brodie is a genre bending Pop artist. Hailing from a small town in Ontario, he has crossed the boundaries of local music success, being featured on MTV and having notable editorial playlist placements such as The Scene and New Noise among others. His most recent release is a post-punk pop emo EP called TELL YOUR FRIENDS. 

August Brodie grew up listening to emo and pop punk music heavily. As a troubled teen he could relate to the lyrics. It was something he could put on and all of a sudden things weren’t so bad. He wanted to create a project that had a demo tape feel, something that’s uniquely raw, emotional, and nostalgic all in one. It’s hopefully a project where you know when you hear it that this is who this person is, it’s completely transparent. He wanted to speak to the youth. These are songs August Brodie can picture fans screaming back at me in some low key bar packed to the nines. Bringing up issues like suicide, heartbreak, drug addiction and mental illness, he knew that putting himself out there like this was going to be hard. This one’s called TELL YOUR FRIENDS. 🖤

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