ANOTHER NOW release new track ‘CASCADE’

Published on 15 June 2021 at 16:00

Dutch metal outfit ANOTHER NOW release their explosive new single ‘CASCADE’ taken from their debut full-length album ‘OMNI’ which is set for release tomorrow. Fans can order the album and bundles HERE.

Following up their previous singles 'PARALLAX’ and ‘TROJAN’ (which received support from platforms such as Rock Sound, KERRANG! and Spotify’s ‘New Blood’ and ‘New Core’ playlists) the latest offering sees the band talk about the moments where life can become overwhelming, and the feeling of leaving everything and everyone behind. The track's title represents the occurrence of a negative event triggering a chain reaction of negativity until escaping reality seems like the only option.

“This chapter reflects on a person suffering psychotic episodes, overloaded by a hellish state of fear and a focus on survival...” vocalist Stef Rikken explains. “Different events trigger the chain of nightmares and force the person/character to escape somewhere the horror cannot reach them... but there is no escaping it. These ideas came from the things I’ve witnessed first-hand as a social worker in mental health care. I want people to get a grasp of how it might feel to have psychotic episodes. It is a struggle staying healthy and finding peace.‘’

Speaking on Xavier 
Kleuters’ guest vocals, Rikken adds “I wasn’t always able to be there for the writing sessions to add vocals, so, Miquell (Guitar) and Guyon (Drummer) pulled in their little brother Xavier to let him experiment. We all felt like Xavier gave new energy to Cascade and that was just what the song needed... Together we decided to give him a guest spot on the track”

The video for ‘Cascade’ was shot and edited by the band themselves. With their Do-It-Yourself mentality the band challenged themselves by shooting and editing their third music video production, which is a reflection of the lyrics showing a schizophrenic episode set in a 90’s horror/thriller setting. 

‘OMNI’ was produced and mixed by the band’s own Rik Bosmans (bass, vocals & production) and mastered by Darius van Helfteren (Noisia, Epica, De Staat) combining ethereal digital soundscapes, glitches and crushing, angular riffs that are accompanied by guttural screams and anthemic vocal melodies.

Vocalist Stef Rikken put his mark on ‘OMNI’ by tying together its themes and concepts with mental health, a subject close to his heart, working as a social worker in mental health care. 

“It’s heartbreaking to witness the suffering of people struggling. There is a lot of stigma and misconceptions about mental health issues in our society” remarks Rikken. “Everything is portrayed black and white, while things are certainly much more complex.” 

With their first record, the band hopes to manifest a mind-shift in their audience and beyond, aiming to counteract the stigmatisation of psychological problems and create more understanding and empathy. With the pandemic in full effect, these topics have become more relatable to a larger part of society as a global experience. “It is time we reshape our vision towards mental health by showing more understanding and empathy…”

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