Published on 28 May 2021 at 11:00

Calgary pop punk band ONLY THE STRONG released their new single “PICKING UP THE PIECES” and its accompanying lyric video. While written about recovering from a toxic situation, this track shines bright with catchy lyrics, just enough 2000s angsty easycore harshness, and a bounce that screams pop punk gold.

"Picking Up The Pieces is about recovering from a toxic situation. I reached a point in my life where I realised that the people I cared deeply about did not feel the same way towards me and I had two choices. I could try and fight back against the people that were causing me pain knowing full well that it wouldn’t affect them, or I could say what I want to say, whether they listen or not, and walk away and take back the pieces of me that they stole." - Mason Brooks, vocalist.

Living up to their name and showing their strength, Calgary based pop punk band Only The Strong leapt headfirst into the scene in 2018 and have been working relentlessly to evolve their sound in order to stand out amongst the crowd since then.

With the goal to help people through hard times with the music they create, the band wants to be there for those listening to them and relate in a way that allows their listeners to not feel alone. Their new single “Picking Up The Pieces” does exactly that, and you can expect more powerful messages from Only The Strong in upcoming releases.

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