Get The Fuck Outta Dodge Release 22-Covers Track Album

Published on 20 May 2021 at 16:00

Is 37 covers in a year too much? Not for Get The Fuck Outta Dodge who are about to release "These Songs Still Aren't Ours" A 22 track garage/punk bonanza of noise and energy that will be released on a very limited homemade lino printed cassette, as well as the usual digital outlets.

2020 was a prolific year for Get The Fuck Outta Dodge, releasing These Songs Aren’t Ours (15 covers from the past and present), We Make the Future Here (a five track pummelling ep of noisy hardcore shenanigans) and 2nd album proper “Buzzkill” (a machine gun riot of fuzzy bass and pounding drums)

Never ones to sit on their laurels, the boredom bug bit badly during lockdown 2 (The Revenge) and rather than sit and twiddle their thumbs, they got their heads together to record another 22 slabs of cover version goodness via the tin can phone connected by string.

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