3dBs Down break 15-year recording hiatus to release latest album: Get Your Retaliation in First

Published on 10 May 2021 at 16:00

Gravesend based ska punk band 3dBs Down are very pleased to announce the official release of new their album ‘Get Your Retaliation in First’ - their first record for 15 years.

Following on from a crowd-funder campaign with fans last year, the album has now been officially released through Engineer Records and available on all Digital Platforms.

3dBs Down combine a unique 3-pronged interchangeable lead vocal attack with fast paced punk-rock- ska tunes that are catchy as hell but will kick you in the nuts with the heaviest of riffs when you least expect it. Formed in Kent in 2001 the band are influenced by the likes of Rx Bandits, The Beach Boys and Smashing Pumpkins and have been described as sounding like Less than Jake on steroids.

Overcoming all odds, facing a studio break-in and a UK-wide Covid lockdown, Get Your Retaliation in First was recorded and finished with producer Paul West over the course of 2019/2020. 

Lead single 'Count to a Million' captures many of the bands elements in one tune. Up-tempo ska punk, interchangeable lead vocals, a catchy chorus and crunchy guitars. The song is about the uneven distribution of wealth and opportunity between the few and the many, and how the numbers involved are hard to conceive. The remainder of the album follows suit, an enigmatic, energetic portfolio of tracks that will leave you craving to experience each one live.

"Get Your Retaliation in First has taken a long time to write and record and has gone through many versions. In the 15 years since the last one our lives have changed almost beyond recognition, as has everyone’s. We’ve never really stopped being a band in that time, just been busy doing everything else. Still, it has always felt better when the 4 of us play together, like a cathartic home coming, like collectively getting something out of our systems, like we need and love to do this." The band speaks on Get Your Retaliation in First.

Joining forces with Engineer Records to release the new album just as the band hits their 20 year anniversary, the future has never been more exciting.

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