The Weather Might Say Otherwise Release New Single "I'LL DRINK TO THAT"

Published on 29 April 2021 at 11:00

Fredonia, New York alternative rock band The Weather Might Say Otherwise (TWMSO), since forming in 2018 at SUNY Fredonia, has quickly emerged in the Western New York music scene as a young energized rock band not only looking to put a foot in the door, but to bust through it. Since releasing their debut EP Youthful Belligerence in 2019, the trio has been expanding their reach and playing shows all over New York. They have found a maturity in their writing brought about by the solitude of the pandemic. With almost two years since their last release, TWMSO plans to come sprinting out of their latest slumber with their newest single, “I’LL DRINK TO THAT!” The track is packed full of raw fierce emotion, fluctuating song structure, clashing and cooperating instrumentation, and the challenging dynamic of happy and upbeat sounds, yet very dark undertones that will blend fans who love amazing lyrics and catchy riffs. Singer Damian Brown comments on the single’s story, “I’ll Drink To That'' is one of the most energetic songs we have written so far. The instrumental is upbeat and moves really well, it contrasts the lyrics quite a bit. The song dives into some different themes about the darkness of drug use in general, but more so alcoholism. Drugs are a scary thing and they can really destroy you, I just try to talk about it a little bit.

Growth propels TWMSO as the bands newfound maturity in their writing, performing, and eagerness to break out of their local bubble surely motivate their creative processes. TWMSO elected to conspire with Trevor Balbierz ,a fresh producer who formerly studied under RJ Demarco of Skyway Studios. Familiar fans will be excited to see a refreshing take on what they have previously known The Weather Might Say Otherwise to be, while new listeners will be smacked in the face with a unique sound they will want more of.

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