Published on 8 April 2021 at 14:00

These are erratic songs of rage, songs to invoke the primal fear within you, songs that will seduce your dark passenger, causing you to dance alongside us. These are lyrical themes of angst and anguish, brought forth from the bleak lives that each and every single human leads, presented in cacophanous voice.

Monasteries recently announced joining US based label Seek And Strike Records, joining an amazing roster with bands such as Upon A Burning Body and Orbit Culture. Over the previous two singles the band landed coverage with the likes of Metal Hammer, Idobi Radio, Primordial Radio, Slam Worldwide, Kerrang Radio, Knotfest, Slam Worldwide and more. Monasteries have previously toured the UK and Europe extensively with the likes of Sea Of Treachery, I Declare War and Nexilva, and have a busy upcoming tour schedule playing shows with Gassed Up, Acrania, Within Destruction, Tenside and many more. The band release their third single ‘One Minute To Midnight’ on DSP’s on the 26th March and the song is accompanied by a dark and eerie music video. The band have also announced that they release their upcoming EP ‘Silence’ on 26th April and physical pre-orders are now live here.

Speaking about One Minute To Midnight Aaron Wright says - “There are many ways to interpret One Minute to Midnight. It can be read as an interpretation of an upcoming Doomsday, or the musings of an earth set out to shake humanity off like fleas. We have left the lyrics to your discretion, but the music leaves no room for doubt or question. It is punishing, cerebral, and dark. Everything is born from Silence.”

Speaking about Silence Aaron Wright says On behalf of Monasteries I am proud to present to you, Silence; 5 tracks showcasing unpredictability and erraticism, exploring the technical deathcore genre and hoping to find new ground. I believe that in these tracks, we have successfully captured and evoked the essence of tension, impact, and bleak realisation. It's an honour to be able to stand behind this work, the latest bullet point in the Monasteries discography, and I truly believe it's our best, most inspired work to date. I hope that in listening to Silence, you too will understand the need for chaos in music that we as a band enjoy creating so much. Rest assured, this isn't the end. Everything is born from Silence.”

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