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Straight from the heart of Bristol, one of the epicentres of creativity in the UK, IMMERSE are a band that bring hope for better days. The post-hardcore quartet lay out all the pain, disparity and fears that come with being human. But it’s not all gloom; the band confronts these feelings head on to generate positivity and optimism - “These are unavoidable rights of passage that everyone can relate to. It’s how you confront them and let them affect you that will make you who you are”. There is a sense of unity as the band battles issues together with their fans. Immerse have justified their ever-growing presence in the UK music scene, playing shows around the UK with the likes of Holding Absence, Hacktivist and more. Their debut album has already achieved over 1 million streams.  The quartet have all experienced dark times in their lives and implore you to “Remember that you are never alone!”. Teeth gritting riffs, soaring choruses and passionate live performances have won them a loyal fanbase which is destined to keep on growing. With their eyes set firmly on the top, these four lads are set to solidify their place in history.

UK based melodic hardcore band Immerse release their sophomore album ‘The Weight That Holds Me Here’ on Friday 26th March 2021. The album showcases a myriad of different sounds, ideas and genres and comprises a solid collection of 11 songs which take the listener through a journey of anger and reflection. Throughout the campaign the band have already had support from Rock Sound, Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Total Rock Radio, Idobi Radio, Dead Press, Gig Radar, BBC, Dreambound, Triple J, Moshville Times, and many more respected publications and landed plenty of official playlisting with Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Digster, Filtr and more. The bands previous singles from the cycle have already amassed nearly 600,000 plays on Spotify alone, and the band have a busy touring schedule planned for 2021, touring and playing shows with the likes of From Sorrow To Serenity, Blood Youth and Heart Of A Coward. 

Vocalist Archie Hatfield explains - “‘The Weight That Holds Me Here’ is shaped by truth, heartbreak, loss and distance. We wrote & recorded these songs before the pandemic. It was a difficult point in each of our lives due to different reasons but we came together to create this piece of art. We’ve never been more open and honest with our music so we have a very special connection to these songs. Making this album was our therapy. 

For this release, we wanted to get more involved in the production process of the new album. Tim recorded/edited all Guitar & Synth parts at his home studio setup - Ben joined the band after we had already recorded everything for the album so he only had a couple of weeks to nail all his parts and get it recorded with Tim. It was stressful! Drums were recorded at Bandit (Jonny Renshaw) & Vocals at Northstone Studios (Jayce Lewis). George Lever mixing and mastering the album took the album to the next level. 


Having to wait so long to start releasing these songs was tough to deal with but we knew it was the best thing for the albums success. It’s been amazing to see each single get the attention it deserves and our fan base has grown substantially during the pandemic. A lot of hard work went into these songs and we’re so proud of the outcome. Playing them live will be such a relieving and emotional experience. We can’t wait!’


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