The Stayawakes return with relentless energy in latest album ‘Pop Dreamz’

Published on 19 January 2021 at 16:00

The Stayawakes return with their second album 'Pop Dreamz', which is set to be released on January 29th. The songwriting and tight production on this album focuses on delivering an immediacy and urgency across eleven great pop punk tracks.

Aptly named, Pop Dreamz takes heed of the poppier side of pop punk, with these catchy and densely melodic anthems that have all the attributes of being the pop-punk album of the Summer.

Packed full of The Stayawakes’ signature seemingly effortless harmonies, tracks such as ‘Every Word but Please’ pushed singer and bass guitarist Jimmy to his limits, with him almost passing out hitting the high notes during the recording process. This band have the incredible ability in creating tracks with such familiarity, and despite being three years since their last release, The Stayawakes have maintained their brand of reflective lyricism wrapped up in effervescent musicality.

  • PRODUCTION BY: Jimmy Cooper - The Lightning Bolt
  • Additional Engineering: Nicholas Bowen - Quay West Studios
  • MIXED BY: Bob Cooper MASTERED BY: Grant Berry - Fader Mastering

The Stayawakes are a band that are steeped in nostalgia. Named in homage to the 1980s slasher movie genre, and underpinned by friendships going back multiple decades, schoolyard rivals Andrew Ricks (vocals/guitar) and Peter Foulk (guitar) formed a lifelong bond over a piano and a Dire Straits cover. Back in 2001, they teamed up with Steven Hart (drums) to form melodic post punk outfit Day of the Fight. Fast forward to 2017, Jimmy Cooper (vocals/bass) joined to complete the Stayawakes line-up. This

South-Coast quartet promise to deliver big hearted jams and sweet harmonies. In 2018, their debut album “Dogs and Cats/Living Together” was incredibly well-received on multiple platforms, solidifying The Stayawakes’ status in the UK pop-punk scene.

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