Philly-Based Pop Punk Outfit Cheer Up Dusty Release New Single ‘Shirtless and Afraid’!

Published on 10 January 2021 at 16:00

Cheer up Dusty present you with their new single ‘Shirtless and Afraid’, proceeding their prior two singles that were released recently in 2020. Cheer Up Dusty are a band who understand the struggles of the everyday and encapsulate it perfectly in each track they release. This new single follows suit, tackling the subject of hitting rock bottom, and feeling helpless. What started out as a self-proclaimed ‘throw in’ song, turned into something pretty special. Arguably the strongest of the three tracks, Shirtless and Afraid is a relentlessly energetic, cathartic anthem that will leave you feeling inspired and wanting to be better.

  • Music Written by: Patrick Desiato
  • Lyrics by: Justin Humenik
  • Mixed/Produced/Mastering by: AJ Viana

Cheer Up Dusty are a band who know how to make the best of a bad situation. Starting back in January 2019, lead vocalist Justin was contemplating whether to give up on music altogether. This self-diagnosed ‘coping mechanism’ of a project soon turned into something more. Armed with a few music videos, and an upcoming EP, you can expect big things ahead.

With the addition of long-time friend and collaborator Patty, and more recently Brayan and Paul in late 2020, Cheer Up Dusty have only just begun making their mark on the scene.
Taking influence from Blink-182, Rancid, NOFX, Cheer Up Dusty will appeal to fans of all things pop-punk/90s punk.
These guys always bring out the catchy riffs and lyrics you would expect from a pop punk song.”-

“As you’ll soon discover, the guys at Cheer Up Dusty brilliantly manage to assuage some dark topics with their joyous delivery. You’re welcome” -

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