Phoenix Rockers This Modern dig deeper with “Next Time Around (Acoustic)”

Published on 9 January 2021 at 16:00

Tradition dictates that once a band delivers a master for a song to the label, the label begins the distribution and marketing process and the band begins the writing process anew. This wasn’t the case when Phoenix, AZ's This Modern handed “Next Time Around” over to their label 59 X Records. The combination of upbeat instrumentation and swelling chorus with reflective and inspiring lyrics made for a pop/rock banger. However, the band was left with a nagging feeling that the song could be reimagined as an acoustic track.

With the holidays around the corner, the band also wanted to deliver something that was soothing and relaxing - a much-needed distraction from the chaos of 2020. They set to work crafting an acoustic version, something they’d never done before. The simplified instrumentation enables vocalist Marcus Reardon’s wistful and expressive vocals to shine through.

Despite the global pandemic, This Modern has had an eventful 2020, releasing their single​ ​“Better Off" (which achieved over 10,000 streams in its first few weeks) and then releasing their follow up single and video, “Next Time Around,” which premiered on Substream Magazine and quickly garnered over 5k views on YouTube.

The re-imagined acoustic version of “Next Time Around” is a somber departure from the band’s previous releases, capturing the internal struggle and uncertainty around turning the page in the next chapter of your life. While This Modern has a reputation for throwing a party while facing the end of the world, this version of the song is more introspective and subdued. “It is the cathartic hope that we all have for another chance," said​ ​songwriter and producer, Timo Willsey.

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