Heathersett Invites You into Their World with First Single, “Wick to Handle”!

Published on 7 January 2021 at 16:00

“I started a band, played some shows, started recording, and then the world went to hell.” says Heathersett vocalist/bassist, Craigan Hogeland.

The fall of 2019 was met with much optimism for the members of Heathersett. Little did anyone in the world know what 2020 had in store. Fast forward a year later, and Heathersett is ready to debut their first single, “Wick to Handle” off their self-titled LP due out this year on 59 X Records.

Not all news is bad news these days. Hogeland found himself in a new relationship that influenced much of his songwriting on Heathersett’s debut LP.

“Wick to Handle is just a love song about waiting for your future significant other to become available.” - Craigan Hogeland

“Wick” clocks in right around 3:44 with an upbeat rhythm and contagious lyrics that will transport the listener back to simpler times. Landstrom and Hogeland’s back and forth, melodic yet angsty vocals pay respect to bands like Taking Back Sunday and Four Year Strong while seeking guidance from legends like The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

“We wrote Wick while essentially still introducing ourselves to each other. The first half is an olive branch; an attempt at conciseness so that we could all start this project on common ground. The second half is a swan dive into what I think makes our band great: If we don’t feel like coming back to the chorus because we found something more fun, then sayonara!” – Juergie Landstrom.

Formed in 2019, Heathersett is a four-piece alternative punk band from Atlanta, Georgia. Their goal is simply to write music they have fun playing, and to perform as loud and as often as possible.

Blending influences from punk, alternative, and music from the ‘90s and ‘00s, Heathersett will not rest until their songs are securely stuck in your head for decades to come.

Heathersett is: Craigan Hogeland (Vocals/Bass) Juergie Landstrom (Vocals/Guitar) Andy Torrey (Guitar) Zack Mulazzi (Drums).

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