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Ben DeHan releases "Waiting for You"

Ben DeHan creates a unique sound somewhere between Machine Gun Kelly and Angels & Airwaves, with an authenticity that can only be earned as a kid who saw the country through the window of a 15 passenger van and the urgency of a man who has seen the inside of a cubicle…

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CROWN THE EMPIRE - Release New Track "In Another Life" Feat Courtney LaPlante

Crown The Empire have dropped brand new track 'In Another Life' today. The song features an incredible guest vocal performance from Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox which perfectly compliments Crown The Empire's signature sound of massive, angular riffs, a pummellingly heavy rhythm section, sweeping electronic elements and the compelling light vs dark interplay of Andy Leo's emotionally-charged clean vocals and Hayden Tree's visceral screams.

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Coe Hill Release "One Year Later"

Canadian post-hardcore/alternative rock group Coe Hill release their powerful and catchy new single "One Year Later" which features Simon Austin from the band Incase We Crash and Jason Emsallem from the band Nightwell on vocals via Blackgate Records. The song broadly speaks to the notion of feeling trapped in life, whether it be a stagnant routine, bad relationship, terrible job, and trying to break free from the toxic cycle. Specifically inspired by COVID and the many quarantines and restriction phases people all around the world have gone through, it is a topically relevant song that everyone can relate to. It's a true blend of pop-punk, post-hardcore and emo that will take you back to the 00's! "Maybe next year, we can finally get the hell out of here."

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MxPx Release "Say Yes" ft. RIVALS' Kalie Wolfe

MxPx unveil the sonic rays of sunshine for your summer celebrations in their new single “Say Yes” featuring Kalie Wolfe of Rivals. The track is an ode to the nostalgia of fresh and free-spirited summer romance that will transport you to your teen years. The sentimentality is a testament to their longevity while Wolfe’s powerhouse supporting vocals highlight the band’s modern adaptability alongside a new generation of punk rockers. 

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