Review - The Petty Saints (Long Way Home)

San Diego based 4 piece ‘The Pretty Saints’ have dropped their debut record ‘Long Way Home,’ a Pop-Rock album of radio friendly anthems.

As I listened through the record, I was constantly reminded of a small pool of bands. For example, the opening track, ‘Clean Hands and Guilt’ sounds like something you’d expect to find if you put Nickelback on shuffle, the husky vocals and guitar tone being the key here.

On other tracks, like ‘Whiskey & Damned’ and ‘That’s A Lie,’ which is my favourite on the record I may add, I was continuously reminded of The Goo Goo Dolls with the mix of distorted and clean guitar sounding almost acoustic, not to mention the latter having a very similar chord sequence to the hit song ‘Slide.’

‘Rubberneckin’ sounds like modern day Foo Fighters, to the point where I couldn’t get the image of Dave Grohl’s semi acoustic out of my head for the entirety. 

‘Broken Bottles’ shook me. Call this self-promo but this song had an almost identical opening chord sequence and rhythm to ‘Dopamine’, a song I wrote for my band Octopus Montage 2 years ago. Thankfully for my blown little brain, the song goes into a completely different direction to ‘Dopamine’ so I could concentrate on actually listening to the song and it continued with the path of modern day Foo Fighters.

Generally, these vibes are repeated throughout the album and I think it has achieved what the band wanted. However, throughout the record I couldn’t help but think one thing. 

In conclusion, be prepared to just chill. Think of it almost as the music to accompany your summer whilst you have a few beers in the sun.

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Words by Alex Jennings.


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