Review - Halfway Atlantic (Back to Austin)

Halfway Atlantic have perfectly encapsulated the sound of 2010s Pop-Punk in their new single ‘Back To Austin.’ Similar in theme and sound to Mayday Parade’s ‘Jamie All Over’, the new single by the Texas natives is one for a Pop-Punk summer and I imagine if this was released by an artist such as Real Friends or The Wonder Years, it would be a highlight of their set.

The song features guest vocals from Christina Murphy of Forever Starts Today near the end of the song and this starts my only criticism of this single. Christina’s voice goes perfectly with the vibe of this song, and compliments lead vocalist Matt Warmuth perfectly but throughout the section she features in, she sings 2 or 3 lines, in my opinion, nowhere near enough to fully reach the potential this feature has.

Overall, this is a solid tune, one I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for some new, bouncy, pop-punk. 

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Words by Alex Jennings.

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