Review - The Camel City Blackouts (Wild Card)

If you miss the sound of early 2000s punk rock then The Camel City Blackouts’ new EP will be right up your street. The first track ‘Memory’ is a raw, 4 chord, Green Day-esque earworm that wouldn’t seem out of place on the likes of ‘Dookie’ or ‘Nimrod.’ 

Preceding 'Memory' is ‘Swing Or Sway’. At first I thought this song sounded like something from the back catalogue of a band like "The Sleeping" until the riff around 0:45 in which I found it hard to ignore the similarities to Boston’s ‘More Than A Feeling.’ This track has potential however has the same issues that I believe run throughout the EP that I will touch on later. 

‘Packing Up’ is the final song on the EP and is less than 2 minutes of the Green Day-like punk we got to know in the earlier in the EP.

On the whole, I think this EP is positive. However, there were some vocal melodies out of key, and sometimes out of time. As for the sound of the EP sonically, I think they could improve it with an experienced music producer.


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Words by Alex Jennings.

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