Review - Promise Game (Any Reason to Party)

After the last 18 months that we have all had, we could all do with a party and that’s exactly what Promise Game offers with their new single ‘Any Reason To Party.’

The New England based 5-piece throw it all the way back to the early 2000s, with distinctive American vocals reminiscent of early blink-182 and a bouncy yet tight instrumental mimicking the likes of Funeral For A Friend. 

With guest vocals from Joshua Herzer [Lions,Lions] the band supplement their distinctive clean vocals with menacing screams throughout the song, truly showcasing the talent that the East Coast has to offer. 

Overall this new song is a heavy hitter. Perfect for anyone throwing an emo party or looking to start day drinking - As the song states, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. The single would’ve been perfect for a Warped Tour Roadshow and I can imagine a bouncing crowd in the glimmering heat. If you’re looking for a Pop-Punk summer, I suggest you start here. 

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Words by Alex Jennings.

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