Review - Colour & Shade (Hostile Grounds)

Colour & Shape’s new EP will get you moving from the first track. I noticed my head slowly nodding along from the first track ‘Equilibrium’ which brings a new lease of life to easycore. The track is mainly led by pitch perfect clean vocals but features equally impressive screams and group chants throughout of which took me back to my teenage years and reminded me of ‘Swimming With Sharks’ by The First.

‘Therapy’ comes across a little more emotive and slightly less upbeat. Regardless, I am a huge fan of the way this song sounds both lyrically & instrumentally and I think this song pays homage to how the band can do softer sounding songs with heavy vocals. Imagine The Amity Affliction mixed with You Me At Six.

Contradicting this, the third song on the EP ‘Rest’ contains only clean vocals & has a vibe that reminded me of Linkin Park's final album ‘One More Light,’ in particular, the song ‘Heavy.’ ‘Rest’ is a nice interlude.

‘Canvas’ is up next and although it begins with a picturesque intro, don’t be fooled. Unlike the previous song on the album, this track features only emotional, screamy vocals very reminiscent, both instrumentally and vocally, of fellow Australian band ‘Bloom.’

Closing out the EP is the riff based tune ‘Phoenix.’ Apart from a few vocal phrases not seeming to sit quite right, this doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a fantastic EP, finding a perfect balance between heavy and melodic. The Australian music scene is very much alive. 

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Words by Alex Jennings. 

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