Review - Two Eyes Open (The Ceiling)

Two Eyes Open is the brain child of singer/songwriter Dustin Parlier, beginning during the pandemic in early 2020.
Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Two Eyes Open are welcoming in the summer with alt track The Ceiling. Inspired by anthemic, riff-oriented bands with their roots in grunge and punk, such as Foo Fighters and Sum 41, respectively.

The track was self-produced by singer/songwriter Dustin Parlier out of his bedroom in Charlotte, NC, with tutelage from Andrew Sullivan (who produced his December 2020 single, “Haunt”). Originally written in 2015, “The Ceiling” is finally out there for the world to hear.

Two Eyes Open have been busy making a name for themselves in the scene (note: collabs with Cheer Up Dusty, Passionflower, Win by 2), and it's no surprise that with tracks like The Ceiling, it's really starting to pay off.

A reverby riff sets things off nicely in the Ceiling, and Dustin's grungy vocals introduce a welcome bitterness to the tracks reflective lyricism. 

Crunchy guitar tone and dissonant drums maintain the track's swagger and dynamics throughout the 3 min 12 run time. The Ceiling is a track that benefits from multiple listens, little harmonies you may have missed or the interesting layers in the outro.

There's a certain vibe to The Ceiling, a mix of nostalgia and the summers that have since past. Not to mention the ever-present 2000s pop punk influences that are far from being over done. Pair this with Two Eyes Open's signature honest lyricism, and you have a really great, summery sing-along anthem on your hands.

The Ceiling has to be one of my favourite tracks by Two Eyes Open. Packed full of energy, reminiscence and catchy lyrics, all in just over 3 minutes- what's not to like? The Ceiling is perfect for any and all pop-punk fans out there, especially those of us who still hold the early 2000s era closely to our hearts.

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words By Selina Payandee.  

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