Review - Next Stop Olympus (Heart, Mind & Hell)

This is a heavy release full of instrumental muscle and soaring vocals. Next Stop Olympus charge forward with majestic urgency too, screaming for solace in a world ever-changing. Their style and grace are different, and they seem committed to the scene and the cause, creating sounds which offer the metal fan something wholesome to confide in. Such tension has been implemented in their EP "Heart, Mind & Hell", which is a collection of 5 songs that are brooding and highly infectious in subject and symphonic importance.

When listening on, the lyrical significance comes to the fore. These musicians scream out and play fast, and their words slip into the minds with meaning and intent. For instance, the opening song, To Bite The Hand That Feeds, offers us screams and intensity while paying homage to poetry. The guitar presence escalates, and overall, it is a commanding start. "My Affliction" shudders with forceful guitar trickery and impactful lyricism about the state of decay. This is the pinnacle of a well thought out record. "The Ignorance Of Us" goes along in the same vein, bashfully pushing the boundaries and showcasing blissful instrumentals merged with quaking vocals. And the EP fully shows its worth.


Next Stop Olympus try to escape the brutal world. Their music has meaning and the EP they’ve worked tirelessly on, is a statement of creativity.

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Words by Mark McConville.

📸 Marianne Harris. 

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