Review - Parlour Suns (Figure it Out)

Parlour Suns formed in June 2020 and by February 2021, they had recorded 5 tracks at Momentum Studios with Josiah Manning as the producer, which were later mastered by Grant Berry of Fader Mastering. These songs are set to be released throughout 2021 and the band hopes they are received well by fans of both Pop-Rock, Alt. Rock, and Pop Punk genres.

Parlour Suns have returned for your listening pleasure with sophomore single ‘Figure it Out’. You’d be mistaken in thinking this pop-rock outfit would be unable to top their debut single ‘Embers’ which was remarkably well-received by the scene. With more tangible heartfelt lyrics, Figure It Out is about the heartache following a breakup and all the agonising questions you find yourself riddled with in the aftermath.

Aptly named, Figure It Out led to Parlour Suns having to adjust throughout their writing process. Due to the third lockdown in the UK, Parlour Suns were unable to continue weekly practices before the track was completed. This resulted in all four members having to record ideas individually until they were happy: Rob wrote the lyrics whilst sitting in his car recording the demo vocals in the middle of an industrial estate at 10pm in the rain and the bridge & chorus lead guitar wasn’t written until we were in the studio.

Nevertheless, Figure It Out still boasts Parlour Sun’s familiar indie-rock sound, with more atmospheric vocals, crunchy riffs and dynamic drum fills throughout the track. Incredibly tight production again gels everything together seamlessly, and their annoyingly good song writing is on full display in their chorus. 

Whilst Parlour Suns continue to appeal to all with their anthemic musicality, Figure It Out is definitely one for you indie-rock lovers. Fans of bands like Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Eagles in particular will appreciate their influences in this single. Continue to watch out for the remaining singles by this highly exciting four piece! 

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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