Review - Johnny Randale (Heroes of the 90's)

This poppy effort spearheads riffs aplenty and triggers a sense of nostalgia. Throughout the Heroes Of The 90s by Johnny Randale, there are also battering ram like drumbeats, and lyrics that convey anecdotes pinpointing drunken dazes, times where moments grew and prospered. 

From the start, the guitars automatically pull in the listener as well the 90s references. Randale wants to go back to the 90s in a time machine, as he is aging rapidly in a world that has changed so much. This is a song for the 90s kids who loved the old-style grace and did not know what was around the corner. Nowadays, modernism has taken over our lives, it has empowered, but it has also brought excess baggage that we certainly do not need.

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Words by Mark McConville.

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