Review - Parlour Suns (Embers)

Parlour Suns - Embers (Single Review)

Plymouth based pop-rock/alt-rock band Parlour Suns released debut single ‘Embers’ on April 30th. Formerly known as With Notion, the band did remarkably well, receiving incredible traction and radio plays with release ‘Drive Night’. 

When the pandemic hit hard, and With Notion were forced to cancel all of their lined-up shows, they took time to re-evaluate their sound. Deciding to allow their current influences to take heed, Parlour Suns was created with a more pop-rock vibe in mind. Armed with 5 tracks ready for gradual release throughout this year, debut single ‘Embers’ is one hell of an introduction from Parlour Suns. 

‘Embers’ is a nostalgic track about youth and young love, memories of parties and no intentions of growing up give this single its bouncy energy. A classically indie, pop-rocky single, Embers is instantly sing-alongable, atmospheric and would translate seamlessly to a live setting.

Both their tight musicality, strong vocals, and great production make ‘Embers’ sound huge, which is no mean feat for a debut single. Pairing this with effortlessly cool visuals, and their fully established new sound, I’m sure you’ll be excited to hear the remaining tracks they are set to release this year.

Parlour Suns made the best decision of their musical career switching things up from their With Notion days, and they are wholeheartedly a band to watch out for. ‘Embers’ is a surprising track that will have even the most devout pop-punk fans hitting repeat. Keep an eye out for their next single ‘Figure it Out’ set to release on 11th June 2021.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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