Review - Unwired Society (Blackout)

Punk echoes here, it reverberates, and this band plays their hearts out for the saints and the sinners. Unwired Society also delivers high intensity and powerful riffs to entertain and to startle placid hearts, their music is fast-paced, harsh, but does not become dull or repetitive. The charge is real too and lyrically the punk outfit look for answers in a world under severe weight and strain, a world frankly on its knees.

Punk needs more of this these days. It has become rather one dimensional as replication trickles in, as the genre crosses into a more poppy realm, where substance gets overtaken by gimmicks. This does not mean that punk is dying a terrible death, it is not by any stretch of the imagination, but some bands do not take it seriously or commend it for its originality.

Unwired Society’s fierce new track Blackout carries on the tradition of hard-edged punk rock. It serves up a brash chorus with fundamental hooks and brazen guitar play, delivering an intense rush. Think of it as a charge for a revolution, even if it is a small push. And the vocals from Dylan Burton are as punk as can be, reminiscent of the days when classic punk pushed the written word to the forefront.  

It's harsh; it is all unorthodox, but hell, it is a fun ride into punk rock’s inner workings.

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Words by Mark McConville

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