Review - Without Andrew (No Way Out)

No Way Out - Without Andrew (Single Review)

Manchester, UK based punks Without Andrew take a bold and deliberate swing at the chaotic state of the UK, the disarray left after the effects of COVID 19 and the careless acts of political leaders in control in their latest cut throat track, "No Way Out". Opening on an early announcement from Boris Johnson regarding the devastating death statistics in the UK as a result coronavirus, Without Andrew take us straight back to the beginning of 2020 and set the scene for what’s about to come, reliving this unbelievable year and with a pure sense of resentment and motivation the band deliver a head spinning, yet impactful punch with an honest and empathetic approach. Without Andrew clearly have a lot to say and hold nothing back with No Way Out and vocalist Mat Buckley isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Taking each and every opportunity to challenge the UKs government and it’s destructive decision making that the band directly states has done more harm than good, there’s no stone left unturned when No Way Out really gets going. The tension building in the track from the rough guitar drive and tight drum pace finally erupts into a super catchy and melodic chorus that acts as the real integral section of No Way Out, delivering that performance from the band that sticks with you long after the tracks finished. 

Throwing everything at you, were hit with a wave of punching instrumentals, desperate lyrics and heavy themes of angst and resistance that embody No Way Outs core principle and are of course transferable to us all that have struggled through this last year. The band come together to really deliver something exciting that particularly shines in the instrumental performances which are reminiscent of artists such as Anti Flag, Green Day and Creeper but deliver a much more melodic undertone that wrapped with the scratchy vocal delivery helps maintain this great balance between punk veracity and accessible listening. The biggest take away from No Way Out is its home hitting tone and the greater sense of solidarity Without Andrew convey in the track, preserving that feeling of unity and delivering it with passion and satisfying performances.

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