Review - My Latest Failure (Failures, Vol:2)

This is a loud, well mastered EP, brimming with intense hooks and shuddering vocals. Failures Vol.2 signifies a certain rage too, a rage where all gloves are off. Pinpoint accurate guitar sequences are present, volatility drives it to the summit of aggressiveness, and it does not simmer down. My Latest Failure seems like a band on the warpath, stretching their musical muscles and lyrical intelligence to start a small revolution.

The EP does not miss the mark. Every song drives home a different message and the artistry shown has been masterminded intricately, pushing the boundaries of what can be done with instruments. The fast-paced energy is brazen, and in your face, making this record a commanding, but obscure effort.

Complicated starts the release off fully. The gritty vocals and intense guitar trickery show this band are a talented outfit. The screams increase the tension, and punk rock is in full flow. Voices does not show much in lyricism, but that backbeat and dirty guitar line offers much to write home about. Demons begins with a slow build-up until all anarchy breaks loose. The protagonist in this story is battling the bottle. Overall, that well-formed riff startles before it becomes a welcomed addition.

Perfectly pessimistic, Failures Vol.2 hits all the boxes musically. It is quick, charged, and compelling when it needs to be. This band may start that revolution after all. 

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Words by Mark McConville.

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