Review - BLiND DRiVE (Redemption)

BLiND DRiVE - Redemption (EP Review)


Back in the summer of 2020, BLiND DRiVE’s grungy quintet reunited with a goal in mind: to create a dynamic, innovative sound. Inspired by diverse punk/post-hardcore/ rock influences, fans of Title Fight, Microwave and Movements will be keen to lend an ear to BLiND DRiVE’s two-track EP ‘Redemption’.

On ‘Redemption’ Aaron (vocals) and his bandmates Jack (guitar), Joe (guitar), Nick (bass) and Timslizz (drums) certainly make an effort to lean heavily into their influences, with throat-shredding vocals and dissonant sounds on full display. There’s a certain sense of un-ease when listening to these two gut wrenching tracks, and it’s refreshing to see a band vulnerably lay themselves out there for us.

Opening track ‘Through Thin Air’ is a brooding, grungy single, with Aaron’s vocals effortlessly drifting between gravelly and subtle to the occasional screams. With its surging basslines and urgent drum patterns, ‘Through Thin Air’ is truly a great opener for BLiND DRiVE.

Second track ‘Nowhere Near’ continues in a similar fashion, but with a little more edge this time. Arguably the strongest of the two, the existential “Nowhere Near” is full of raw emotion, both lyrically and vocally. BLiND DRiVE really pulls together in this track, allowing one another to breathe whilst also creating a huge wall of sound.

“This EP consists of memoirs of cathartic yet beautiful stories of self-reflection in the hopes of redemption” speaks vocalist Aaron. Sitting somewhere between grunge and post-hardcore, this emotional, angry, and honest EP ‘Redemption’ is a purgative scream-into the-void.

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Words by Selina Payandee.

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Antonio Noj
2 years ago

Incredible song and video.