Review - Jamie Stoffa (C137)

Jamie Stoffa - C137 (Single Review)

Dredging through his own tormented memories, singer/songwriter Jamie Stoffa, perfectly presents emo sounds and sings about the darkest days. He feels like he is falling through the cracks, his mind attacked by vultures and fiends, his optimism becoming a shattered mess. Throughout his new track, C137, he bellows and shows a great vocal range, and the shuddering instrumentals compliment his style graciously even under the morose weight of his own feelings.

The track is not only a musical contribution but also a letter to someone, a piece of truth, and Stoffa commits to the song wholeheartedly. He strives to share his thoughts, his dealings, his misery, his artistry. He is an artist, and this song is a commentary on hardship, the human mind, and the state of the world.

C137 dazzles and it is moody, brooding, and the energy Stoffa shows when letting his vocal cords expand is admirable. And lyrically we are taken into a world where pain lives and torment ensues, where darkness covers the light, spreading its force like wildfire.

The track is not subtle either. It carries a story which makes it interesting. Jamie Stoffa knows how to write honest songs that do hit against the grain and trigger a sense of melancholy many of us feel, especially in these times.

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