Review - Wes Hoffman (What's Left of Me)

Wes Hoffman - What's Left of Me (Single Review)

Hailing from the St.Louis scene and being heavily influenced by the pop punk and emo music emerging around him,  Singer/Songwriter Wes Hoffman has cemented that influence in his personality and his music and on his latest single “What’s Left of Me”.

We see Wes’s vulnerability, integrity and perseverance. Coming back to music in 2017 after a long hiatus from the early 2000s, Wes has released a number of singles under his new project and the latest of these is this years “What’s Left of Me”. A track that faces Wes’s lowest points and the tenacity it takes to come back from those toughest times in life.

Opening the track with an insanely tight punk backbeat and an accompanying guitar melody ripped straight out of an old pop punk handbook, you're instantly given those influences in pop punk and emo and how the scene really has made a lasting impression in Wes’s character. This not only works in his music but the obstacles Wes has had to face in life.

There’s a real nostalgic undertone to What’s Left of Me and that familiarisation can be exciting for anyone in this genre and that blaring, mid 2000s style opening acts as a perfect introduction to Wes’s personality and more specifically the vocals on the track. Raspy, to the point and heartfelt, Wes delivers an honest and vivid portrayal of making those big transitions in life and how even through the toughest of times there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and that emphasis of hope and perseverance is something this single accentuates.

While Wes delivers a catchy and passionate chorus that really makes its mark on you from the first listen, it’s only held up even higher by its infectious tone and the bright instrumental performances that hold the whole thing together. The track throws everything at you and barely lets up, roaring arrangements, demanding vocals and a fierce atmosphere all culminating in this outpouring of integrity and encouragement that without even noticing can make a real lasting impression and like a well oiled machine, each small part plays such an integral role in this track that without it, it would surely loose that essence of what makes What’s Left of Me such a pure and genuine listen.

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Words by Dylan Booker.

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