Review - Passionflower (Joel & Clementine)

Based in the North West of England, Passionflowers mix of early 2000s emo and pop punk fused with their heavy forthright lyrics explore a resistance to love but a willingness to accept under the right circumstances. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is something too many bands are afraid to do but not Passionflower, that’s what this band are all about and they have no problem giving you the most honest and vulnerable portrayal of that in their music. This latest track from the band titled Joel and Clementine is of course a reference to the 2004 movie Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind in which after an ended relationship Joel proceeds to wipe his memories of former partner Clementine as the pain of remembering her is so great and the band not only capture this in a beautiful melancholic style tribute, but completely acknowledge and understand the concept of a love so destructive that you try to hold on to but in the end your unsure if it was even worth the heartache and pain. 

There's no time wasted here and Joel and Clementine instantly gives you everything at once, being hit by a wave of roaring instrumentals that at first take you back but quickly allow you to ease into the track with it’s charm, honesty, performances and most notably its lyrical delivery. Toying with the story line from Eternal Sunshine and personal struggles, Kyle Richardson battles his own issues of self doubt and relationship dilemmas that manifest into this touching recognition to not only a movie but a personal turning point. The elevated atmosphere created from a spacious production style leaves plenty of room for passionflower to take the floor and deliver everything, you can hear the intensity coming out in this track and it makes it so engaging to listen to. There's no hiding behind any hidden metaphors or production manoeuvres. The track is bold, brave and doesn’t hold anything back. This is definitely a song that can reach out to nearly anybody and evoke some kind of response. Passionflower reaches deep for this one, the connection you get back from Joel and Clementine is enough to keep you hanging on.

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Words by Dylan Booker.

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