Review - 360 Phoenix Flip (Day in the Life

360 Phoenix Flip are a Pop Punk / Skate Punk band based in Hangzhou, China (by way of lead singer’s Mark's hometown Scarborough, UK). 360 Phoenix Flip is Mark’s latest project in his extensive music career, taking heed of his skate punk influences with a little touch of synths for good measure. Their first single Pyromaniac is a bold-faced pop-punk / EDM collaboration. Though, if that’s not your thing, latest track ‘Day in the Life' brings things back to more familiar territory.

360 Phoenix Flip do their absolute best to bring you something that is nostalgic to its very core. From the DIY production to the slightly distorted shouty vocals, to the relentless drum fills. Catchy riffs throughout tie everything together and makes Day in the Life yet another fun track from 360 Phoenix Flip. 

It is always hard to find an artist truly making music they themselves enjoy, and solo artist Mark Lovette has been doing so for quite some time now. This track is such a clear product of influences from the likes of NOFX, No Use For A Name and Rufio, that fans of any old-school Pop Punk will easily find something they enjoy here. Keep an eye out for 360’s future releases for more Pop Punk you know and love, with a little twist - you may be pleasantly surprised.

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