Review - The Stayawakes (Pop Dreamz)

The Stayawakes are a four piece power-pop/rock band from the south coast of the England. The band drew inspiration and pays a homage to the 80’s slasher movie genre. 

What originally started as a schoolyard rivalry between Andrew Ricks (singer/guitarist) and Peter Foulk (guitarist) has became two fourths the Stayawakes. Both Andrew and Peter bonded over the piano and a Dire Straits cover. As of recently members Jimmy Cooper (bass) and David Pryce (synth) joined and completed the bands line up. 

On January 29th, The Stayawakes released their newest album entitled Pop Dreamz. The overall vibe of this album immediately got me thinking about 80’s beach jams. It also reminds me of old Blink-182 and Motion City Soundtrack. Either way Pop Dreamz is full of powerful vocals, and explosive beats, tones and riffs. This album has it all. 

My favorite song from this album has to be “Lovestruck”. To me the song is about getting the attention of a crush. It’s a “love at first sight” instance where you care about this person and want something real with them. 

I wear my damaged heart on my sleeves just a girl with good intentions try my best just to get a mention from you” 

I really like this lyric in particular because it’s about trying to get someone to notice you. That you’re willing to be open and honest about a painful past relationship. Whether it ended because of toxicity or it just didn’t work out and the break up happened in a painful way; you're still willing to show this person that while you might be fragile you care about them and are willing to make the relationship last. 

In a way I kind of understand this. The only difference is liking someone who has had a hard time with relationships and has been through a lot on their end instead of mine. Wanting to be in a real relationship and hoping they get the message that you want them to take a chance on you. 

I recommend giving The Stayawakes a listen if you’re a fan of Green Day, Blink-182, The Ramones, Motion City Soundtrack or Heart & Arms. 

While Pop Dreamz is the most recent release, The Stayawakes also have another full length album entitled Dogs and Cats / Living Together. They also have multiple singles including: Jake“, “Let’s Stayawake This Christmas Eve”, “Inevitable Truth”, and “Keepsakes”.

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Words by Alex Leff.

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