Review - Gentleman's Brawl (Roseblunt // Blacktar)

Leeds-based Pop-Punk/Alt-Rock five-piece Gentleman’s Brawl present us with a heavier sound in their latest releases Roseblunt & Black Tar. Moving away from their catchier roots in tracks like ‘These Four Walls’, fans of all things hardcore will welcome this change of pace.

Opening track ‘Roseblunt’ immediately throws us into the deep end, with a moody atmospheric intro that will have you reminiscing of days past waiting for the band to take centre stage. All in all, a solid hardcore track, with all the usual suspects of rolling riffs, looming drums and gravelly vocals.

Where ‘Roseblunt’ lacks in lyrical content, it by far makes up in tight musicality and brooding anticipation throughout. This track picks up the pace nearing its end, building energy with some classically growly screams and echoey guitars that leave you waiting for more.

Up next is clear crowd-pleaser of a single Black Tar, a happy-medium between their poppier past and heavier future. A solid bassline paired with some relentless drums keep Black Tar driving forward, all the while featuring some of the band’s strongest vocals. Some well-placed ‘woahs’, a guitar solo dripping in reverb, and crashing drum fills round Black Tar off to its fullest.

Gentleman’s Brawl are the kind of band who know how to write tracks that will hold their own in a live setting. If you’ve been finding yourself pining after gigs and miss the scent of spilled beer whilst singing in a crowd of strangers, you will absolutely find something to enjoy in both Roseblunt and Black Tar.

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 Photo - blackbox photo co

Words by Selina Payandee.

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