Review - Next Stop Olympus (The Ignorance of Us)

Next Stop Olympus – The Ignorance Of Us (Single Review)

Next Stop Olympus have crafted a uniquely heavy sound with their single “The Ignorance Of Us”. The Salisbury based group freely combine elements of Rock N’ Roll into the modern Metalcore landscape, ignoring the current trends and bringing the rain. Opening with sweeping guitars building into the arrival of the screaming verse. The lyrics fly by at godspeed with near perfect diction. The chorus is anthemic, and this may be a bit of an understatement. Catchy, booming, and easily remembered the boys really outdid themselves with it.

While on first listen I was waiting for the breakdown, some massive mosh call leading into chaos. The lack of breakdown works, the song is heavy enough in every other aspect. Next stop Olympus have shrugged the expected metalcore sounds and tendencies at every turn. Opening with what is essentially a guitar solo, and ending with one as well. The guitar work on this track is superb, something seen less and less. Next Stop Olympus can expect a massive boost to their metrics. “The Ignorance Of Us” is an accessible, catchy song that will appeal to Metal and Metalcore fans at various levels. Next Stop Olympus also put together a beautiful music video to accompany the single which really helps connect with them on a personal level.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

 Photo - Marianne Harris

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