Review - loss of Signal (Underdogs)

Loss of Signal – Underdogs (Single Review)

Loss of Signal are fun, upbeat and everything we need right now. Their music style and attitude will take you directly back to the days of yore…well, the early 2000’s at least. A Northern Irish 3-piece pop punk band, the lads are highly inspired by iconic bands from Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41 and Neck Deep. They’ve been playing together in various music projects since 2013, Loss of Signal pay homage to the 2000’s American pop punk scene and give us something truly special.

Their latest release, Underdogs is a cheerful, fast paced and a somewhat feel-good track, where the guitar riffs are crafted to bounce together in a head bopping experience, add the drums and you are presented with an infectious, toe tapping inducing rhythm that makes you want to listen again and again. Pair all this with Dario’s classic sounding pop punk vocals, Loss of Signal well and truly are bringing back the era of fun and pop punk realness.

Underdogs focuses on the feeling of being…well the underdog. It’s a sense of identity, addressing the feeling of not fitting in and feeling different to those around you. Anyone can identify with this track and feel a sense of relief and ease to know this feeling is common ground for many. Underdogs is made to be THE live track Loss of Signal play live and get the audience hyped, it will be hard to stand still to this heavily 2000’s inspired track. C’mon this was an iconic era, and they are bringing it back.

Loss of Signal have brought back the fun in pop punk, not taking themselves seriously, but being completely self-aware on what kind of music they want to create and admitting it’s okay to be the underdog. It’s very refreshing to see and hear, a lot of bands these days take themselves too seriously and focus more the dreary and the drab, the lads of Loss of Signal toys with the roots of the pop punk scene focusing on the fun side, the fast paced and up-beat, even other tracks that address more serious topics still has that essence of upbeat and create a perfect blend and balance of music content to binge.

Underdogs is the perfect song for those who deeply love and reminisce for the 2000’s pop punk scene, The track has the ability to make you want to kick back, shout along to the lyrics and dance like no one’s watching and be apart of the underdog team.

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Words by Ana Joy King.

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