Review - Cheer Up Dusty (Shirtless & Afraid)

Shirtless and Afraid – Cheer Up Dusty Single Review

Philadelphia based Cheer Up Dusty have kicked off 2021 with their ambitious single “Shirtless and Afraid”. The single is a certified banger, promising even better music to follow. Riding the success of their 2020 singles “Randy Savage Would Be Disappointed” and “I Believe In You”, the band have continued to fill out their sound and grow into one of the most formidable pop punk acts currently in the underground.

“Shirtless and Afraid” gets straight to the point with its anthemic and inspiring lyrics. Vocalist Justin Humenik shows grit and range as the song flies by at lightspeed. The song features a shift in tone for the group as they lean heavily into a grittier sound, while maintaining their emotional introspection and positivity that make the band so magnetic in the first place.

Strong production and writing will always combine to create a great force of music, and Cheer up Dusty is no exception. Shirtless & Afraid provides a much appreciated preview of what’s to come for the band.

“Shirtless and Afraid” marks a strong start to 2021 for this band that I expect to see touring once it is safe again to do so. Cheer Up Dusty are a curious group, hailing from a Philadelphia scene that has provided some of the most exhilarating pop punk music of the last decade. In short, this band isn’t going away, they’ll be everywhere in no time as long as they continue to put out bangers on a regular basis.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.

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