Review - Quiet Like a Thief (LAK)

Lak - Quiet Like a Thief (single review)

Boston/New York based Quiet Like A Thief have recently released their incredible song “Lak”. Throwing all current trends in pop punk aside and bringing a familiar fresh sound to the table. A sound resonating with heavy emotion, high energy and heartfelt lyrics. Don’t let the pacing trick you, this is a tribute to a late father. The grief is splattered all over the place, the band carefully avoids the pitfalls of a “sad song” by completely throwing down.

The results of “Lak” are a throwback head bobber. The rhythm naturally moves the head up and down. Some major artists struggle to find this groove and they hit it within the first minute. The real triumph of this song is the nostalgia it brings, the song sounds like it could’ve been released in the mid 00’s easily. Clearly the band knows what works and they’ve melded it all together to create a heavy hitting sound to stoke the flames of the north east pop punk scene. “Lak” is an exciting song, heralding great things from a clearly talented band. One can only hope their future releases continue to build upon this foundation. The potential QLaT have is actually astounding.

Quiet Like A Thief are a band we will all be seeing more of, this group will be one of the big names in American Pop Punk over the coming years, I’m calling it now. Don’t miss out on this end of the year banger, let’s all end 2020 with this essential song. “Lak” from Quiet Like A Thief is available now. Also make sure to check out the music video as well.

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Words by Justin Mostaffa.


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