Interview - Drag Me Down

Drag me Down are based in Swindon, UK and consist of;

  • James Bowles
  • Tristan Gorman
  • Oscar Manners

*all questions answered by Oscar.

1. Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. You recently released single 'Survive', which we loved by the way - Are you happy with how it was received?
We are very happy yes! It was great to see all the people who were spinning it on release day and all the positive reactions!

2. Would you say the writing process for ‘Survive’ differed from your previous releases at all?
Nope, not at all. Our process has stayed pretty much identical to when we started. The only difference I can really say happened was that I did my own vocal engineering this time. Other than that it was smooth sailing as it always is in our band! I wrote the song at home and we tracked the instruments in my garage!

3. Let’s talk about the visuals for ‘Survive’, who designed them? Is there a chance we may get an official video?

Ever since "Separate Myself" we've worked with Ciaran Nevin from the band Light Grey to design all the video effects and visualisers etc. The actual graphics themselves were created by Max Wright, who we've also been working with for a number of years. They're both fantastic artists and creatives who's ethics and inspiration line up pretty much exactly with ours to create artwork which truly captures the vibe we want. 
As for a video, maybe for a future song but what with restrictions and the like being the way they are, it would be hard to create something that really reflects us currently. Videos in general are expensive to make as well, and as it stands we're broke (whatevercore doesn't exactly pay the bills). It's on the list of things to do though.

4. What’s next on the horizon for you guys? When can we expect some more music?
We're working on a number of songs currently that you'll definitely be hearing shortly! Expect a few more by the end of the year. We want to play live as well but we'll see if Boris Johnson is willing to do his bit in the name of defending whatevercore.


5. Given that you’ve been unable to play live for so long, would you say social media has helped you stay connected with your audience?
Yes it has, social media was important before the pandemic but now it's become a focal point for many bands. Unfortunately we're all very lazy so it's sometimes a bit difficult to find motivation to post stuff that's actually important, so most of the time it's memes and jokes that go up. Truly fitting for a band of our "calibre".

6. If you could choose anywhere to play a gig right now, where would you play, and which of your tracks would you open with?
Definitely in our hometown of Swindon, and we'd open with "I'm Not Sorry" which was the very first song we did as a band! Playing old stuff is always fun and a great way to get back into the swing of live playing would be to play in our hometown so it's kind of a no brainer. 
It's always been a dream of mine to play Slam Dunk, so in an ideal world that would be an epic way to reintroduce ourselves to the live scene! But that's probably never gonna happen so oh well. 

7. Do you have any ‘guilty pleasure’ songs that some people may be surprised by? 
Me and James both bump Doja Cat on the regular and I'm also really enjoying "positions" by Ariana Grande at the moment. My go to party jams album is also Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. But I also listen to a lot of stuff like jazz and funk that my grandad got me into from an early age 'cos those musicians are monstrously talented. I listen to a lot of stuff that isn't traditionally "cool" to listen to, the most notorious of which being Limp Bizkit. They're one of our favourite bands and listening to their stuff really changed how I approach songwriting and groove in songs.The most weird thing people probably don't expect is that I spend a worrying amount of time listening to the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks. It's a long story but those games and their music changed my life in more ways than I care to admit. 

8. Do you ever get tired of having to explain what ‘whatevercore’ is?
Sometimes when people are asking to just to take the piss yeah. It's basically just pop punk infused with a few other genres which keeps our sound fresh. At this point it's not just a genre but also a lifestyle, religion and political philosophy. That just creates more questions than answers...

9. If you were able to speak to the whole world at once- what would you say? 
It should be obvious.
D E F E N D   W H A T E V E R C O R E
On a more serious note probably just something like "alright lads let's all be chill to each other ok".

10. Leave a message for your fans!
I can't believe you exist. But thanks for reading this and checking out our tunes, we'll be back with more soon!

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