Interview - A Swift Farewell

A Swift Farewell are a 4-piece from Sydney, Australia! Their members consist of;

  • Emma Mather - Vocals
  • Ryo Sprott - Guitar / Vocals
  • Sarah Bonnet - Bass
  • Dwayne Morris - Drums

1. Save Yourself has been out 6 weeks today! We still can't get enough of it, honestly! Are you happy with how it's performed? What has the reception been like?

The reception has been great! We felt like a lot of eyes were on us after The Fire which was a bit stressful, but I think Save Yourself performed well. You’ve probably noticed that it sounds a bit heavier than The Fire because our “goal” was to surprise people. It worked, as many people were actually surprised and asked us if this was our new direction (by the way, the answer is no, we’ll just write whatever we write next and see how it sounds because we like to keep it fresh!).

2. What was the inspiration for the lyrics behind Save Yourself?

The lyrics for Save Yourself were written about the darker side of ourselves so many have to face. They draw on imagery of a relationship spiraling out of control, this self deprecating view encaptures that feeling of complete loss of control with no desire of being brought back from the brink.

3. Your social media front seems to be very quiet. Leaving us with no news on the whereabouts of A Swift Farewell. Are you guys planning something big? Working on a new song? 

We usually try to not stay quiet for too long but yeah, you guessed right. We’re currently working on a few new songs and have a few exciting things planned for 2021!

4. How did you approach writing The Fire & Save Yourself compared to the Shattered Glass EP? Did you feel like the past experience made it easier for yourselves? 

The process was very similar. What’s funny with the Shattered Glass EP is that each of us wrote at least one song in terms of lyrics. That’s why they all sound a bit different. I guess we kept doing that (taking turns at writing lyrics) for The Fire and Save Yourself since Sarah wrote The Fire and Emma wrote Save Yourself. And yes, each song we finish makes the process easier for the next one because we get to know our writing strengths better and learn how to take advantage of them to be more efficient.

5. What's the current state of Australia? We believe the whole country is up and running again? Do you have plans to go to / play live shows? 

We’re pretty good here. In November and early December, there were a lot of seated shows. It was weird at first to have the audience sitting down instead of moshing, but we still had a lot of fun playing. Hopefully, we’ll play a few more of these shows in the next few months and then normal shows once they start happening again!

6. I would definitely rank Save Yourself at the top of your discography. What are your favourites?

‘Save Yourself’ is actually our favourite song to play live! It’s such high energy and the short pause at 3.09 hits so hard live (yes, really specific but it’s our favourite thing ever). The Fire is also really meaningful to us because we have a lot of fun memories from filming the music video last year.

7. Who won your 'Best Album of 2020'?

  • Ryo and Sarah: Pink Elephant by Stand Atlantic
  • Emma and Dwayne: Wake Up, Sunshine by All Time Low

8. What's one thing we need to introduce to the scene?

You know how A Day To Remember’s singer used to crowdsurf in hamster balls? I think we should introduce attending gigs in hamster balls. If the whole audience was inside hamster balls, it would be COVID-safe and fun and we could mosh again, right???

9. Your go to pizza toppings?

  • Dwayne: Pineapple
  • Ryo: Jalapeños
  • Sarah: Chili flakes
  • Emma: Cheese

10. Leave a message for the readers!

Thanks for reading this have an awesome day!

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