Concert Review - Blood Youth (15/09/21)

📸 Joe guppy

Hurrah! With normality returning, I'm back to my usual 2+  gigs a week, and this time was to visit O'Rileys in Hull to see the Blood Youth and Death Blooms tour, supported by a couple of local bands.


Wow! For a local opener, these guys were something special. I had originally seen Breacher under their former name "Disengaged State" but they went through a change of vocalist, and boy they won't regret it. Daniel (vocals) had incredible energy and enthusiasm around the stage, unfortunately this wasn't too reciprocated by the low attendance crowd at this point. The brooding instrumentals were a focus point for each track, and oh so noteworthy. Daniel was mostly impressive with his high and low screams, but just missed a few notes now and then. That is the only negative I can give to this band. It was fast paced, and most of their tracks wouldn't seem out of place on a Knocked Loose album. The fans going to future dates on this tour will surely be sad to miss out on them.


Switching it up was another local band, who had actually got to play Bloodstock recently! A change from Breacher, Irontooth's vocals were all lows. The singing was just a little too slow paced for my liking, but the crowd vibed off them. A solo pitter was kick-flipping around the stage feeding the energy into Rich (frontman). There was some eye-catching events happening on stage with one guitarist laying down and another guitarist doing what seemed like a tea-bag to him, this was dadcore at its finest. I would of course recommend seeing Irontooth if you ever have the chance. 

Death Blooms

I'd only listened to these guys when the tour was announced, and I expected big things, and hot dog, they delivered! The 3-piece from Liverpool came in for a screaming start and got the crowd ramped up! Their impressive single "Shut Up" came out the blocks and were met with some furious and impressive highs. As we know Liverpudlians have loud personalities, and this was personified by the vocalist taking 5 minutes of the set to ask people to "stand here", what a hype man! 

In this set there were 3 engineering faults, but each time they carried on like nothing happened, great professionalism from the trio. Each track was fast paced metal, and you couldn't really ask any better than that, especially not for the three people enjoying a moshpit to their set. Death Blooms really surprised me, and I'll definitely want to see their tour with Trash Boat soon! Do. Not. Miss. Out!

Blood Youth 

Time for the headline now! I'm sure I'm with an overruling majority here when I say that I was very sad to see Kaya leave Blood Youth. But I will tell you something, they couldn't have picked a better vocalist to replace him. Harry Rule (formerly of God Complex) was absolutely incredible taking over the reigns. He must have must have been sweating out of his head running around in that boiler suit. BY opened with a few death chimes before kicking in with their lead single of the "Colony3" EP "Iron Lung", this got the crowd pumped for what was next! 

Guitarist Chris was very interactive with the crowd, putting in a speech about covid and how he was so grateful for that very moment he could be back playing live, sweaty shows again, and expressing that the new kid on the block had learned the set in just 3 days!

Harry was less impressed when he lent the crowd his microphone, but pushing away one crowd goer who sent scintillating screams down the microphone, Harry pushed him away in a sort of "You're stealing my thunder moment".  The vocal range from the new frontman however was just sublime, there was nothing to be worried about with the departure!

I can however say that I was once again left disappointed with the lack of tracks Blood Youth performed. They played out their latest EP of course, with a few fan favourites from "STARVE", but 9 tracks from a headline for me isn't quite enough...

But there's no doubting the talent, and the quality of a show they put on. Make sure you catch them at an upcoming show, because you simply can't afford to not see Blood Youth at least once this year, never mind in your lifetime.


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