Concert Review - Low Hummer (23/07/21)

I finally made my return to live music, just a short 14 months after the last. I headed to a brand-new venue in my city, a modern 300 capacity venue on the Marina of Hull, UK. The gig was promoted with a secret bill, meaning I didn’t know who was playing until I was inside the venue! I was pleasantly surprised…



Up first was Talk More, an indie quintet from York, UK. One thing I really picked up on were how beautiful the vocals were, alongside a great range. The other instrumentalists were lively and energetic, to really add to that key stage presence in any live show. An overall top-quality band. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they were headlining the show.


Succeeding Talk More were Pleasure Centre, from Scarborough, UK. The tracks were heavily based around instrumentals, and I thought this really played in their favour. Albeit the singer had a great voice and was a clear talent, there was real lack in any vocal range. The band managed to subdue this with some great energy and enthusiasm in their grungy ways. The bassist also managed to fill some time in a lull in the show with some groovy basslines.


The headliners were a sextet from Hull. Very popular around their hometown, it wasn’t difficult to see why they are so highly rated. The tracks were performed brilliantly, with dual vocalists channeling light aggression into their vocals. Catchy chorus’, groovy verses and elegantly put together lyrics lit up the room.

The one downfall was that there was rarely any stage presence there, but when the music is that good, this becomes a very minor issue. Low Hummer definitely saved their best till last, a lively, groovy, brashy track that got the first mosh pit of the night, and the last.


All in all, the 3 bands put on a really great show and like always, I would recommend you listen to each of them. Key club for Led by Lanterns is up next!

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