Concert Review - Home Wrecked

I have seen over 100 different live music events, but this time it was different. This show was the first one where I was the rep! This time I arrived at the venue 4 hours before the doors opened, rather than my fashionably late arrival.

The opening band, Loose Ends, are a brand new 5-piece rising from the depths of Hull (Yorkshire) and taking the city by storm! Their 90’s Blink-182 sound got people on their feet at The Polar Bear! Loose Ends are currently not on any music streaming platforms but can guarantee that once they are, you wont take them off repeat! I did see them just a month a go, and can say their live performance has come a long way.

Bloodsport followed up from them, another band local to Hull and quite possibly one of the fastest rising bands in the UK at the minute, and you can certainly see why! Joey (Vocals) has a great stage presence, enticing the crowd constantly. Fans are obviously big fans of their second release ‘Waves’ as you could hear the full room singing their lyrics back to them! I’d strongly recommend checking out these pop-punk uprisers! Listen here.

The best of South Yorkshire headlined the bill at The Polar Bear, Home Wrecked. The quartet performed new songs which are top quality bangers! I can’t wait for them to be released and play them over and over. They went on to perform ‘Never Say Never’ which is easily my favourite track by them, that one hyped me up and had us start off a pit! Joe also passed me the microphone in one of the songs and I’d suddenly forgotten every lyric in the world. So thanks Joe if you’re reading this aha! Their final song, Anxious Mind Think Alike was rounded off so well. With vocalist, Joe, jumping into the crowd running side to side, whilst Richard and Alastair stood like guards at the edge of the stage and Ben smashing away on the drums to end such an ecstatic night for everyone.

Home Wrecked are heading out on a February tour in the UK and you do NOT want to miss them!

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