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Each Monday we pick an amazing artist to be our band of the week! You can see each week below; 

Band of the Week - Without Andrew

Without Andrew was formed in 2012 when Mats old band Elephant Juice lost their lead vocalist and only guitarist with a gig only two weeks away. He looked for help in the form of his friend Sam who he has met in the chorus of a musical at the college they attended. Sam immediately agreed to sing for the band and also to learn to play the guitar for the gig as well. Which he did, in just two weeks Sam went from never playing the guitar to learning a 22 song set list (of punk songs) while also tracking vocals to their earliest EP “Self-Titled” in just two days.

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Band of the Week - BLiND DRiVE

In the summer of 2020, BLiND DRiVE’s grungy quintet reunited in the small dusty shed outside Timslizz’s (drums) house in the south shore. They already established chemistry and an aggressive stage presence from past projects. This time their goal was to create a dynamic, original sound inspired by diverse punk/post-hardcore/rock influences; fused with their trademark bouncy, emotional flare.

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Band of the Week - Signs of Progress

Founded in 2012 by multi-instrumentalist Jarred McKinney, Signs of Progress originally began under the moniker “When Men & Mountains Meet.” Coming from a metal and hardcore background, he ultimately transitioned into the world of pop punk. While remaining influenced by roots in heavier genres, WM&MM’s sound developed into its signature style of blended elements. It further evolved once it expanded into a fuller line-up, including bassist and backing vocalist Trent Fraley. Having been associated through numerous other local acts within the Gainesville, Florida, music scene, their bond would serve as the backbone for what was yet to come.

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Band of the Week - Wes Hoffman

An active member of the St. Louis and Midwest punk scenes in the early 2000s, Wes Hoffman took a hiatus from music for several years before coming back into the fold. In 2017, after a few musical collaborations with drummer Justin Unterseh, Wes decided he couldn’t keep the music bottled up anymore and began releasing songs again.

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Band of the Week - Jamie Stoffa

Jamie Stoffa is a genre-bending multi-instrumentalist based out of Washington, D.C. Drawing influence from notable scene bands including Silverstein, From First to Last, and A Day to Remember, he blends pop, rock, and post-hardcore with modern production elements to create a signature sound that is both unique and evocative. 

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Band of the Week - Next Stop Olympus

Hailing from Salisbury, UK, NEXT STOP OLYMPUS are about to cause a riot as colossal as their name might suggest, with the release of ‘My Affliction’, the latest single from the upcoming EP ‘Heart, Mind & Hell’. 

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