Band of the Week - Tyrants

Published on 21 June 2021 at 14:00

TYRANTS are a four piece hardcore/death outfit hailing from Swindon, UK. Since their formation, TYRANTS have had the pleasure of working with Beheading The Traitor, Hardcore Keem, Too Lit Mafia, BBC Introducing & more on their debut single 'FEAR' - which since release in November 2020 now stands at over 60,000 combined views and listens. TYRANTS have since released their second single 'APOSTLE' in April 2021 courtesy of Slam Worldwide on YouTube and on all major streaming platforms. A 3rd single is following soon...

TYRANTS have had the honour of 'APOSTLE' being featured on Spotifys 'New Metal Tracks' playlist, alongside such artists as August Burns Red / Devil Sold His Soul / IMMERSE / Lotus Eater / VEXED and more.


Everything Changes.

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📸 Alfie Drake

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