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Published on 17 May 2021 at 16:00

360 Phoenix Flip, (previously known as Mark Lovett music or MLM) is primarily a pop-punk/skate-punk artist based in Hangzhou, China.

Chapter 1 - School days
Originally from Scarborough, UK, Mark found his love for music whilst in secondary school, listening to bands such as The Offspring, Green day and blink-182 started him off loving the pop-punk sound, also by playing the "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" games, he found bands such as Bad Religion, NoFX and Millencolin which also proved to be huge influences. 

Chapter 2 - Previous bands
After helping form a few punk bands from the age of 15 such as: Volume6, Captain Pleasure and Failsafe For Tomorrow. Mark and his other bandmates played shows up and down the country, and Mark always happily picked up the role of producing each album/EP for the bands. However, mostly due other members quitting, all of the previously mentioned bands have met their ends.

Chapter 3 - "Mark Lovett"
The phase 2004-2010 MLM was previously called simply "Mark Lovett" rather than MLM. During this time, Mark wrote and produced his first album "Beyond the sky" in 2006, followed by a 3 year writing and production period which came to be his 2009 release "Time and distance", and finally, "Mist" was the third and final EP under this name, released in 2010. All of these releases were recorded in the back of Mark's parents' garage before his move to China.

Chapter 4 - China
From moving around the world it took Mark 2 years to get back into the swing of things, a very quick and cheaply produced acoustic EP made him realise just how much he missed making music, so one shopping spree later, work began on "Positivity" - an album which Mark still regards as one of his best works. Followed immediately by "Part 2", both of these albums were written, recorded and released in 2013. 
Finally, a stripped back EP called "Into the night" saw Mark off in 2015 for a few years as he concentrated on other music projects.

Chapter 5 - Transatlantic Airwaves
2015 saw the rebirth of an old skate-punk project started by Mark and old friend James Charnock. The duo saw the two musicians using online messages and emails to transfer ideas and plans to one another, in 2016, this "internet band" released their first self-titled EP on bandcamp, and into the Chinese market too, followed up by "Shut Your Mouth, Open Your Mind" the second EP released 2 years later. As of right now, Transatlantic Airwaves is still on-going, new music coming soon! For more information on Transatlantic Airwaves, click here

Chapter 6 - A new sound
Mark had the idea of mixing pop punk with synths, in the style of uplifting trance for many years, but it was only in 2015 he felt he had the knowledge and the ability to do so. "Break free" was the first experimental single for Mark dipping his toes to test the waters. Impressed with how it sounded, but more with the potential of this mix, Mark began work on his next EP which is titled "Epica" - named after the intro which Mark believes had such an epic sound to it, he couldn't help but name it so.

Chapter 7 - 360 Phoenix Flip

In mid 2020 Mark decided "MLM" and "Mark Lovett music" were both neither memorable nor searchable, due to MLM also standing for "Multi-level marketing" and the fact there are countless other people named "Mark Lovett" also making music, so he came up with "360 Phoenix Flip"- a little nod to the skate scene in which his music is so heavily influenced, and since a 360 Phoenix Flip is not an actual skate trick, it makes it a lot easier to search and find online.

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